Thursday, August 2, 2012

Want to take part?

Then do! There's plenty of thought-provoking stuff already on the blog, and we'd love new contributors to offer new perspectives or engage with previous posts.

You can take part in any way you like: a written entry of between 5-500 words, pictures, links...You don't have to be 'a' Liberal, or a Liberal Democrat, or even politically inclined, to take part - 'liberal' will mean whatever the public say it means!

The blog will run and run, but all entries submitted before September 30th will be put forward for consideration in the Why I am (or am not) liberal book, due out later this year. Don't miss your chance to be published!

1 comment:

  1. Was Gladstone a liberal? He certainly became more liberal the older he got (the opposite direction that most people's lives usually take), but I think a lot of his views would put him in UKIP today. He was ambivalent about abolishing slavery and passed the Irish Coercion Act, for instance. It might be unfair to judge him by contemporary standards, but if he was a liberal, then he seems to have been a very conservative one, as opposed to a radical liberal, such as John Stuart Mill.