Thursday, September 6, 2012

'I am liberal' - William Goddard

Freedom to think, tolerance, constant curiosity: all liberal, and all important elements of learning and development.

William Goddard - retired academic; Vice-President, Learning Teacher Network; Trustee of Southern Educational Leadership Trust; active regional RSA Fellow.

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  1. Unto this last is one of my favourite collections of Essays. It is the quote from the Viens of Wealth that led me to this wonderful site and Blog.

    I am an Anarchist philisophically and indeed politically but if Liberalism in the Classical sense is about the individual and Community then I am an Anarchist Liberal.

    In Poem, Song and Music here are the reasons why.
    Let them eat cake.

    Illuminati and Gliteratti.

    Democracy 2011


    STFU David Cameron

    Lifes Energy Stream

    Baards of Wales speak out.

    We are Sparticus .

    Wonderful blog and more power to the free thinking liberal tradition.
    Tierra Y Liberdad.